Red Island (Pulau Merah) surf camp is an un-crowded surf spot, situated in Banyuwangi, East Java (close to Bali). Red Island Surf Camp lays in a secluded, beautiful bay surrounded by mountains and right on the beach. It’s an ideal place to get away, relax and surf. It is the perfect spot to learn to surf and improve your surfing, offering uncrowded, fun sand-bottom waves.

Spend your day lazing in a hammock by the pool, surf fun beach-breaks, jump in a boat to  visit ‘lost paradise’ beach or climb a volcano. There is plenty to do for the adventurous and plenty of relax time for those wanting to just ‘chill’.

Pulau Merah takes its name from the rock islet jutting out in front of the beach (Pulau = island; Merah = red, perhaps referring to the oxidized rock under the vegetation that now covers it). Seclusion is perhaps Pulau Merah’s best asset. As Bali’s surfing spots have largely been inundated by surfers, amateurs and experts seeking less crowded surfing spots now seek out Pulau Merah for its rustic surroundings and its resemblance to the old, pre-tourist Bali.